An Oldie, But Goodie: Open-Knit Shawl/Poncho

White open knit shawl over all black

My Look/Mi Look: Shawl/Poncho: Unknown Brand (lovesimilar, similar) | Tank/Camiseta: Forever 21 | Jeans: Joe’s | Shoes/Zapatos: Naturalizer (similar) | Purse/Bolsa: Vera Bradley | Lips/Pintalabios: Rosette by MaryKay | Bracelet/Pulsera: Banana Republic

White open knit shawl over all black

White open knit shawl over all black

White open knit shawl over all black  White open knit shawl over all black

White open knit shawl over all black

Helllo! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m wearing a very old item from my sister’s closet (well, she gave it to me years ago, but it was hers!). This shawl (or really, poncho) has been around since I was ~16-17 years old… whoa! It still looks the same it did when we got it (I remember loving it… it was when Jessica Simpson wore tons of shawls so my sister and I wanted them too, naturally…) and it can be used with a variety of outfits. When I’m back in Boston and reunited with my closet (ahhh) I want to wear it over a bodycon dress- I think it would create an interesting style!

Since I don’t have that here, I’ve just paired it with black jeans and a tank. The woven flowers and pearls make the shawl unique enough to stand alone. I also think it drapes quite nicely over the body, so it is shapely. I don’t really have many shawls anymore, but they are such great additions. My friend Alina uses them during winter to add an extra warmth layer (her’s aren’t open sticked like this). It’s essentially a scarf, right?!

I hope you’re doing well! Have a good one,


¡Hola! Hoy les muestro un chal viejo que mi hermana Sarah compró hace casi 10 años. Siempre me ha gustado este chal (mejor, poncho) y lo puede usar con una variedad de ropa. Sin embargo, no lo he usado hace años. Pues ahora que veo estas fotos, estoy segura que necesito utilizarlo más, no? Es tan lindo! 

El chal es el accesorio a este look blanco y negro. No es nada muy especial, sino añade un aspecto único al look. Mi amiga usa chales durante el invierno porque, básicamente son bufandas para los hombros (en vez del cuello)- que buen idea, no? Necesito encontrar más chales.. me gustan mucho! 

Espero que estén bien.. gracias por leer! 



3 Responses to An Oldie, But Goodie: Open-Knit Shawl/Poncho

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow, total TBT. Cute!!

  2. Shabnam says:

    I love when old school items remain a staple!! I have a few myself, and this post reminded me to take advantage of them!

    Ps. It will look amazing with a bodycon. Can’t wait to see it ;)

    xx Shabnam

  3. Nice! You gave me an idea here.

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