Casual in Granada Heat

Casual Hi-Low in Granada, Nicaragua

My Look/Mi Look: Tank/Camiseta sin manga: Aerie | Skirt/Falda: Marshalls c/o (similar) | Sandals/Sandalias: Aeropostale c/o | Sunnies/Gafas de sol: Style Lately | Clutch/Cartera de mano: TJ Maxx (similar) | Earrings/Aretes: My Stella & Dot (old, love)

Casual Hi-Low in Granada, Nicaragua

Casual Hi-Low in Granada, Nicaragua

Casual Hi-Low in Granada, Nicaragua

Casual Hi-Low in Granada, Nicaragua

Casual Hi-Low in Granada, Nicaragua

Casual Hi-Low in Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, NicaraguaAnother day in Granada meant more light, airy clothing. It was just so hot that we had to ditch any and all layers. I was glad to have this hi-low maxi from Marshalls because it was breezy, yet covered me (although, ugh, we still received tons of cat calls. Oh, how the men in Latin America can be pigs!) I paired the skirt with a simple ribbed racerback tank in, none other than, pink. My favorite color! :)

You can see a bit of what I explained yesterday, in regards to the buildings all being painted fun colors in the last photo. I hope you can get a sense of where we were from what you’ve seen so far. The architecture is really beautiful, which makes for interesting and pleasant strolls, even if they are in 95* weather!

I hope you’re doing well.. thanks for reading!


*UPDATE: Sorry to offend any of you by only writing that just men in Latin America can be pigs in the now edited sentence above. I certainly didn’t meant to generalize that and act as if it doesn’t happen in other areas at all. I also didn’t mean to say every man is- that’s why I say “can be pigs” instead of “are pigs”. I know “cat-calls” happen all over the world, and am most definitely not ignorant to that fact or small-minded. I don’t travel to Latin America just for vacation and get surprised when men ramble disgusting phrases at me, but in fact, I have studied the region and lived there for extended periods. It isn’t a mindless thought that I write, but rather, a true feeling that myself and the two women I were with felt at the end of our stay. The reason I wrote “men in Latin America” was simply because this is a  I will say that I only ever am physically touched when in Latin America. It just hasn’t yet happened to me in the States or elsewhere (and I hope it never does). Lastly, I wrote the word travel post, specified for that region. I’m not writing about the US, Europe, or wherever else. I’m specifically explaining my experience in Nicaragua and Mexico that is happening as I type. But let’s be honest- anyone, anywhere can be rude and disgusting and a pig- male or female! Hopefully the edits above reflect a better statement that isn’t so offensive, and hopefully you understand that I actually am not small minded. My apologies for writing the sentence poorly (should’ve thought of how one may read it) and, as always, I’m glad to read your comments! I just wanted to explain myself a bit as I felt there was a misconception. Thanks! :)

Pasamos otro día en Granada y por eso escogí otro look minimal, ya que hace tanto calor. Encontré esta falda en Marshalls y me encanta porque es modesta pero perfecto para el verano. Lo malo es que, sea lo que sea, los hombres suelen decir cosas feas a las mujeres. Ugh! Pero bueno, combiné mi falda con esta camiseta sencilla de mi color favorito… rosado :)

Se puede ver en la última foto lo que escribí ayer sobre los colores de las casas… son bonitas, no? Espero que se vean la arquitectura de Granada porque la ciudad es tan linda. No importa que hace mucho calor porque todavía es divertido caminar por el pueblito y ver los edificios y tienditas.

Espero que estén bien.. gracias por leer! 


*Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB. All opinions are my own.

*Divulgación: He recibido productos gratis o un valor de Marshalls o Las Compañías de TJX Inc. en conexión con mi afiliación con Proyecto Fab Marshalls . Todos los opiniones son míos.

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  1. Niki says:

    So beautiful! And I love the colorful buildings!

  2. Great outfit. Love the pop of colour with the tank top.


  3. Karla Villa says:

    If you’ve ever walked the streets of New York City, you would understand that men will catcall and harass women there as well. Making a blanket statement about men in Latin America being pigs is a bit small minded. I’ve traveled extensively to El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Brazil and haven’t encountered any different harassment than in my home in NYC.

    • La Mariposa Blog says:

      Hi Karla! Thanks for your input! I just reworded the sentence after reading this because, unlike how you’ve interpreted it, I most certainly didn’t mean to say that catcalls only happen in Latin America. I have spent time in NY, and I know it happens there (as in my hometown, and Boston, and everywhere else I ever go!). This post is a travel post on the region specifically, though, which is why I wrote Latin American men- it is my personal opinion (well, a review of how our group felt at the end of the trip) and a recount of the week there. I am sorry to have offended you, and I do hope you realize that I didn’t mean it as being an ignorant foreigner. I’ve edited and explained the backstory now in the post, and I’m quite happy that you sent this comment, as I definitely had an oversight in writing and didn’t realize how that sentence could be interpreted. Thank you!

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