Grey Lace-Up Sweater

Grey Lace-up Front Sweater, White Adidas Sneakers

In past years, I just about never dressed-down. Not even on weekends! I always wore a small heel and a blouse or big jewelry. There’s nothing wrong with that, but then again, there’s nothing wrong with sneakers and casual sweaters either, right? I’ve found that I’m super comfortable (physically and mentally) when wearing casual clothing that is unique in some way. For example, this sweater’s lace-up style is so cool. I love how it really spices up what would be a loose sweater. I decided to tuck it in and pair it with high jeans and a fun belt for even more style. With fresh sneakers, I think this casual look is pretty cool. What do you think!?

Grey Lace-up Front Sweater

En años pasados, nunca vestí muy informalmente. Siempre llevaba alguna blusa, tacón o joyas, aun durante los fines de semana. Pues por fin encontré un estilo que me gusta mucho. Puedo sentir súper cómoda y  la misma vez, a la moda. Este suéter, por ejemplo, es súper chido. El corte fuerte con lazos es llamativo pero no demasiado intenso. Lo combino con pantalones altos y un cinturón genial de Asos. Con mi bolsa con estrellas y zapatos limpios, creo que este look, aunque es básico, es súper padre. ¿Qué opinan?

Grey Lace-up Front Sweater

Grey Lace-up Front Sweater, White Adidas Sneakers Grey Lace-up Front Sweater  Christian Paul Black Luxe Watch  Christian Paul Black Luxe Watch  Grey Lace-up Front Sweater     Grey Lace-up Front Sweater, White Adidas Sneakers


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xo Rach

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  1. Miri says:

    This grey lace-up sweater is amazing! I love the way you styled it! I am so glad I discovered you throug IG, Rach!

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