Summer Wedding Tips for Him & Her

Summer Wedding Tips:

Paul Fredrick asked me to share some tips and tricks for the ladies and gents when attending weddings… here’s what I have to say, with some favorite looks!

For Females:
Summer weddings are a great time to explore with your dress options. Here’s a few ideas to keep in mind:

Is your wedding outside? Many summer weddings host ceremonies or cocktail hours outside. If that’s your case, you’ll want to keep your fabric light and airy. Try chiffon- it will move so lightly as you dance, and you won’t feel too hot!

Blue Lace Overlay

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Fit & Flare dresses are prime options for any season, but can be especially forgiving during the hot summer months. The flared skirt twirls easily, keeping the dress breezy, yet girly. A tasteful cutout (see below) is appropriate for summer weddings. Keep the cutouts interesting, yet minimal.


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Dress Length:
Summer is the most popular season for weddings, so it’s a great time of year to scope out dresses and find a variety of styles to fill your closet. A printed maxi dress (like the gorgeous number below) is great for an outdoor wedding. You’ll easily transition to another use as well, so you can repurpose it! If you’re not feeling the maxi vibe, strut out in a dress that falls just about the knee. Save the tea-length dresses for colder months, and the mini dress for your night out (anything shorter than 3” from the knee really isn’t the best option for a wedding).

LuLu*s Floral Dress

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Summer is one of the most versatile times of the year in terms of color selections. Often times, a day full of sunshine leads us to crave bright and bold colors. Vibrant hues are appropriate for weddings, so long as they aren’t neon. Pastels transition from spring nicely, so don’t be shy to boast a blush or lavender dress. This is the appropriate time to throw on a bold necklace, to give your dress some extra flare. Lastly, summer season is always nautical. Navy blue and deep red are classic colors that can be worn to a summer wedding, when worn with a light pattern, like chevron.

Pink Cutouts

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For Males:
Summer weddings create a lot of styling opportunities for men. Lighter colors and playful patterns are some of the ways to alter your typical style. See below for more…

Color & Fabric:
We all know that wearing a suit during summer can be a drag- it’s hot, and suits have multiple layers! Stick to lighter shades, like khaki or grey, for an appropriate and comfortable look. And, how often do you see guests in anything other than black? Rarely! Be the guy who looks sharp in a summer-appropriate suit. You’ll shine just a bit brighter ;) Linen and seersucker are perfect for summer weddings as well, and can be worn with equally light shirts. This creates a refreshing, airy image, and you’ll appear more appropriate than if you had worn black. Don’t be afraid to wear double patterns- a plaid shirt with seersucker, for example, will look stylish and playful. Just keep the tones similar (lights with pastels, bright with darks).

 Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 9.04.57 PM

 lighter shirts

Is your wedding outdoors? Forget the tie, if so! Outdoor weddings are often casual, allowing you flexibility with your look. Give your neck some space and keep your shirt opened and loose. You’ll look sharp in your suit, but feel relaxed enough for the casual outdoor wedding. If your wedding is a bit more formal, opt for a bow-tie or a playful pattern on your tie. Try polka-dots, paisley, or plaid.

Playful Ties


Coordinating with your date:
Coordinating a look can be tricky- there’s a fine line between matchy-matchy, and complimentary. We always want the latter, of course! Rather than matching your bow-tie or pocket-square to the exact color of your date’s dress, try revisiting the color wheel and finding a color that fits your style, yet wears well with hers. Some basic color combinations are: grey and light blue with pink; olive, berry and khaki with lavender; or coral, grey and teal with yellow.

Paul Fredrick

What are you and your date wearing to your summer weddings?! Let me know!


This post is a collaboration with Paul Fredrick.