Embellished & Embroidered + a $200 Zara Giveaway!


LLEVO: Blouse/Blusa: Forever 21 | Skirt/Falda: Anthropologie (on sale in stores; similar) | Heels/Tacones: Franco Sarto via Marshalls c/o (similar) | Clutch/Bolsa: Marshalls c/o (similar) | Sunnies/Gafas de sol: Prada | Lips/Pintalabios: Zen Rose by MACEmbellished


Embellished Anthropologie Skirt


Embellished The best thing about being so close to so many stores here in Boston is the ease I have in frequenting them. Some may think that’s dangerous, but I think it helps me to be a savvier shopper. Let’s talk about this skirt as an example. I saw it a month ago for $188, tried it on for fun, and fell in love. The embellishments and embroidery is gorgeous, not to mention the deep fuchsia hue. However, there was zero chance of me paying $188 for it.

Knowing the skirt itself was pricey, loud and perhaps a bit more tailored to certain styles, I was sure it would go on sale. Well, it did… it dropped to $99, then to $49. I waited to get the additional 30% off, so it ended-up costing less than $40 for what was once nearly $200. BAM! Love me some sale shopping, which was only possible because I stop by stores now and again (well, when the bus is late, why not pop in?!) :)

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the week and this busy, feminine, and embellished look. It’s a favorite of mine :) And as for the giveaway… well, thanks to an awesome new app called theVane, I’m able to team-up with other fab bloggers to offer this to you. You all knowwww i love Zara. So for a run-down on this app: theVane is a great fashion/packing/planning app. It takes into account the weather where you are (or where you’ll be) to help you plan the most appropriate look for the occasion. For those of you who travel like I do, this is a life savor! Having inspiration for varying weather is always useful, and I find myself leaning towards it especially for rainy days (ohhh, those Mexican summers!). Anyways, follow the Rafflecopter below and enter for your chance to win some big bucks to an awesome store! ¡Suerte!


Una ventaja de vivir y trabajar cercano a muchas tiendas es la oportunidad que tengo de asistirlas con frecuencia. Es posible pensar que sería mala idea por mis hábitos de compras, pero les juro que me ha ayudado a ser una compradora inteligente. Por ejemplo, esta falda es una pieza que he admirado hace más que un mes. Pues la vi en Antropología de venta por $188 y lo probé (para saber mi tamaño). Sabía que estaría rebajada en unas semanas ya que el precio fue alto. Además, el estampado está hecho específicamente para un estilo llamativo y fiero.

Bueno, pues obviamente sí bajó el precio, primero a $99 y después a $49 (Esperaba porque, cuando era a $99 había muchas faldas de mi tamaño). Por fin lo compré con un descuento adicional de 30% así que compré la falda, que era casi $200, por menos que $40. ¡Genial! Me encanta comprar de descuento (obviamente) y esta rebaja fue increíble. Qué suerte que mi bus siempre llega tarde jaja.

Bueno, espero que estén bien y que les gusté el look ;) Y sobre el giveaway… gracias al nuevo app theVane, he podido colaborar con otras blogueras para darles la oportunidad de ganar $200 a Zara (una de mis tiendas favoritas). Para que sepan un poco más sobre el app: theVane es un app que combina el clima de donde estás (o estarás) con la moda. Es súper útil para todos que viajan mucho como yo, ya que nos ofrece inspiración para un look apropiado para el clima. Sé que me va a ayudar mucho cuando hago mis maletas para mis viajes a México porque siempre busco inspiración para un look lindo sino apropiado para la lluvia. Bueno, entra el Rafflecopter abajo y mucha suerte a todos ;)



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  1. I love that skirt! It looks so pretty on you!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. cstone412cs says:

    I’m on my iPad and I can’t find the app… It brings me to App Store but I found one called vane but it’s just weather….I keep searching but nothing

    • La Mariposa Blog says:

      Hmm strange- did you try typing The Vane both as two words and pushed together? It has a rooster icon, and is definitely there!

  3. Biana says:

    Love that skirt – and loved seeing you last week!! We need a coffee date pronto!

  4. cstone412cs says:

    Also, I’m not sure what my username for the review bc it didn’t ask for one. I think it’s cstone412cs or Caitlyns412 ….I took a screenshot of it just n case and I titled it “great for people who travel” and I wrote the review….I don’t see it posted yet. I did take the entry and said unknown name and I left the title name and said I took screenshot,,,,just so you know :) if any one needs the shot just let me know but maybe it will show up by then and I’ll be able to see what my screen name is ….I usually use the same names. It’s gotta be one of those or close to it,

  5. cstone412cs says:

    I did it in my iPad and it never asked for a username so I must have my account saved under a name already..,

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