Hello all… I am back! Sorry for my absence, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends this weekend, so I laid off the blogging! I can’t wait to share my weekend with you all, but first… Mother’s Day is coming up very quickly! I had a few Stella & Dot shows this weekend which helped me make a few various guides… below are some of my favorite picks, and each one is found on my website here. What would your mom like most?!

La Mariposa: Mother's Day Gift Guide

1: Palm Springs Scarf- Teal I-kat | 2: Christina Link Bracelet | 3: Eden Bangle | 4: Mini Candle in Passion | 5: Small Serenity Stone Drops- Raspberry

The vibrant colors, and scents, in this particular guide are very trendy, yet versatile. A few gold bracelets stacked with some simple drop earrings and a colorful scarf make a perfect gift for moms who love a little spark… and the candle smells AMAZING. I happen to have this entire set and, while I’m only 23, I could still picture an older woman wearing the same thing. If your mom likes color, she will love a bright scarf and earrings! :)

La Mariposa: Mother's Day Gift Guide

1: Maddie Pearl Earrings | 2: Mini Candle in Joy | 3: La Totale- Medium in Metallic I-kat | 4: Madeline Pearl Necklace | 5: CZ Glint Studs

For a clean and classy look, you can never go wrong with pearls! All of the above pieces are timeless, and I especially love the Metallic I-kat structured purse: It is my mom’s favorite for its polished appearance! in addition to be timeless, all of these pieces can be used year-round. Useful, and pretty!

La Mariposa: Mother's Day Gift Guide

1: Sample Charm Necklace | 2: Birthstone Charm | 3: Sea Necklace | 4: Zodiac Charm | 5: Mom Charm | 6: Signature Initial Charm | 7: Queen Bee Charm

One of the most personal, yet simple gifts for your mom is a charm necklace. S&D has so many charms to choose from, but here are some of my favorite pieces to add on. I love the look of mixed-metals with a splash of colors (birthstone charms do that perfectly!). Of course, you would want to make your own story with your selected charms.

Hope this little Stella & Dot Mother’s Day gift-guide helps you in picking up some special pieces for your mom! Have a great day!

– Rach


  1. Sarah says:

    Great ideas Rachel! I just ordered my mother in law a Mother’s Day gift off the Stella & Dot site :)

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