Three Basics in a Time Crunch

khaki zipper moto jacket, white ruffle blouse, black skinnies, tan booties LLEVO: Jacket/Chaqueta: Forever 21 (great quality!) | Blouse/Blusa: H&M | Jeans: Joe’s (on sale!) | Booties/Botas: Banana Republic (old, similar) | Bag/Bolsa: Calvin Klein (love) | Lips/PintalabiosRebel by Bare Minerals gifted | Sunnies/Gafas de sol: Ray-Ban (on sale!) | Necklace/Collar: ILY Couture gifted 

khaki zipper moto jacket, white ruffle blouse, black skinnies, tan booties

khaki zipper moto jacket, white ruffle blouse, black skinnies, tan booties

crystal botanica statement necklace

  khaki zipper moto jacket, white ruffle blouse, black skinnies, tan booties

The other day, I had a little brain fart when getting ready for the day. I hate not having an outfit picked out ahead of time because I always end up stumped when planning with little time. What can I say, when I’m under pressure, I struggle to think of outfits (or perhaps I over-think it!). I’ve always been like that (maybe it’s because I’m still sleeping while getting ready each morning ;) ha!) so my mom always had me pick me clothes out for the week ahead of time. Well, we all know that isn’t always possible. To keep me from being super late because of my unavoidable brain farts, I have some basic pieces that I always go back to in a time crunch.

Black skinnies are a must- they can be dresses up or down and pair well with just about anything. A simple white blouse (in today’s case I opted for a ruffled version) is another wonderful addition- black and white is chic and easy. Lastly, any blazer or jacket with interesting elements can top off any look. Nothing else is needed! My closet is full of fun leather jackets (you’ve seen my many colorful versions already!), and vibrant, textured blazers. Pair the three items together and you’ll be out the door in no time- I promise!

So, how did I do in my time-crunch test? Hope you’re having a great day!

XO Rach

El otro día, no pude pensar en un look. Odio no tener mis look planificados para la semana porque siempre sucede que me falta ideas durante la mañana. Supongo que no estoy creativa bajo presión. Mi madre siempre sabía esto, y por eso me sugería que planificaba mis looks por la noche durante mi niñez. Pues trato de planificar pero no es siempre posible y durante esos casos, suelo escoger piezas sencillas.

Pantalones negros apretados son un básico de cualquier armario- se puede utilizarlos con casi todo. Una camisa/blusa blanca también es una adición sencilla sino linda. EN este caso, escogí una blusa con arrugas para que sea más fancy. Y la última pieza que escojo es una chaqueta o un blazer interesante. Ya que el look es básico- blanco y negro- la chaqueta puede, y quiza debe, tener personalidad. Tengo muchas chaquetas de varios colores (ya las han visto mucho) y texturas. Con estas tres piezas, no es necesario poner muchos accesorios y así saldrán de la casa rápidamente. ¡Les juro! :)

¿Qué opinan de mi idea de un look básico? Espero que les guste… que estén bien! 


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  1. sivanfernandez says:

    Absolutely LOVE this look. Need that jacket in my life ASAP

  2. I love this look! That jacket is gorgeous!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  3. Niki says:

    I completely agree with your basics, and this outfit is perfect!! I love it so much!

  4. Laura says:

    Looks great! I love that necklace! It was so nice to meet you this past weekend – hope to see you soon!

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