Weekend Edge: Stripes, Ripped Jeans & Strappy Sandals

Casual Days: Stripes, Ripped Jeans & Leopard Strappy Sandals

MY LOOK/LLEVO: Shirt/Camiseta: H&M (Two basics for $10/ Dos básicos por $10) | Jeans: Forever 21 | Sandals/Sandalias: Zara S/S ’14 (sooo comfortable/¡Bien cómodas!)| Sunnies/Gafas de sol: Prada | Purse/Bolsa: Calvin Klein via Off Fifth (similar) | Necklace/Collar: Brand unkown via TJ Maxx c/o (kind of similar from my S&D)

Casual Days: Stripes, Ripped Jeans & Leopard Strappy Sandals

Casual Days: Stripes, Ripped Jeans & Leopard Strappy Sandals

Casual Days: Stripes, Ripped Jeans & Leopard Strappy Sandals Casual Days: Stripes, Ripped Jeans & Leopard Strappy Sandals

By the time you all read this blog post, I will be well on my way home, to Michigan! I always love a good excuse to go back, and a friend’s wedding is one of the best :) Before we left the hot and humid Boston, we headed down to Mixx for some frozen yogurt. I used to hate fro-yo (I swear it is colder than ice-cream and hurts my teeth!) until I got it endlessly in Mexico with Gracia. Well, I don’t think it is quite as good here (it’s like the Coke difference between countries I guess?!) but I now like it more… especially when I load Oreo crumbs on top of the fruit (hey, that’s still healthy, right?).

Anyways, here’s a casual look for walking around over the weekend. I like to use items I can’t easily wear at work, like ripped jeans, during my free days. I definitely don’t want a wardrobe that consists of only “work-appropriate” attire, and while I have a lot of clothing that can be used for work or “play” I still have some items solely dedicated to one of the two. These jeans are a prime example- never would or could I wear these to work, but I still love the look. So I do my best to get good use out of them over the weekends, while traveling, and at night. Do you all do the same?

Hope you’re having a great day.. good luck with the giveaway :)


Al momento en que vean esta entrada, estaré en Michigan ya con mi hermano y Mateo. Siempre busco razones de regresar a mi ciudad, y este fin de semana estaremos en el Mitón porque nuestros buenos amigos se van a casar. También vamos a finalizar unos detalles para nuestra boda para el año que viene. 

Antes de salir, fuimos a comer yogur congelado en Mixx. A Mateo le fascina el fro-yo pero yo prefiero el helado. No sé si estoy loca, pero me parezco que el fro-yo está más frío que el helado y me duelen los dientes muchos mientras que lo como. Pero, después de comerlo tantas veces en México con mi amiga Gracia, ahora tengo antojos de comerlo casi diario. Siempre pongo muchas galletas Oreo arriba de mi fruta.. mmm :) 

Bueno, llevé este look para caminar por la ciudad el fin de semana pasada. Hago un esfuerzo de utilizar piezas durante el fin de semana que no puedo llevar al trabajo, como estos jeans destruidos. Nunca podría llevar un look así a trabajar (no sé quién pueda de hecho…) pero, tampoco quiero un armario llenado de ropa designado para el trabajo. Por eso, trato de utilizar todo que tengo… incluyendo estos jeans. 

Espero que tengan un buen día…. suerte con el giveaway!


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19 Responses to Weekend Edge: Stripes, Ripped Jeans & Strappy Sandals

  1. Petra V. says:

    I just love the outfit! Gorgeous!
    Also, I love the idea of frozen yogurt with oreo crumbs :D yummy

    • La Mariposa Blog says:

      Aww thank you- and it is so much better than the usual granola & fruit combo haha :)

  2. Admin says:

    love stripes in the summer… so very Coco Chanel

  3. Alpa Ash says:

    i liked the ripped jeans fashion as well as the cute top. i think it looks cool and is very much in fashion these days.

    • La Mariposa Blog says:

      Thanks! It took me a bit to find a pair I loved but now I am addicted!

  4. Alicia says:


  5. Troy says:

    This outfit is so casual and cute. Love it :)

  6. katie h says:

    Cute cute! Very stylish! :)

  7. Shabnam says:

    I love those jeans and obsessed with the necklace! I definitely always look forward to wearing my weekend only items too!

    xx Shabnam

    • La Mariposa Blog says:

      Thanks Sabs! It’s nice to dress super casual sometimes :) Although I love your work closet clothing that I have seen so far!!

  8. Mai Tran says:

    OMG, I thought I’m the only one in the world who loads Oreo crumbs on top of other food. We should be food friends!

    • La Mariposa Blog says:

      Haha Mai that’s awesome!! Yes we should :) Oreo’s are the bestttt!

  9. Love it! I really love the black and white + the white jeans! It’s a perfect balance

  10. Hi! I love the striped t-shirt + necklace. Me encanta la combinación de esa camiseta con ese collar, es monísimo. ¡Feliz día desde el otro lado del charco! Marta

  11. e kay says:

    Love your shoes!!

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